- Our Plants -

With our vast selection of indoor plants, our staff is eager to share planting advice and assist you. We are passionate about plants and love to share what we know.


• Potted Plants

Roots houses an extensive selection of indoor plants, from large, exotic trees to small, colorful desktop plants. We have plants that thrive in the brightest window or darkest corners in your space.


• Terrarium

Our terrariums are available in store or delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have containers in many sizes and shapes, and a wide selection of  tropical plants, succulents, and air plants.

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We are happy to create a custom design, whether it is a centerpiece or a gift.


• Succulents

We carry succulents, cactus, and other water efficient plants  ideal for saving water but also easy to maintain.

We also provide eco-friendly succulent arrangements in ceramic or glass containers. 

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• Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a wonderful alternative for gardeners who don't have a lot of horizontal space. These  walls can turn any drab interior space into a lush oasis. 


- Our Services - 


• Delivery

We delivery throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 24 hours’ notice is required to turnaround all orders. 

If a delivery is placed, someone must be available to receive the delivery. We are happy to  place your new plants in the best locations to ensure their health. It’s important to water the plants when you receive them and water them weekly thereafter.

    • Indoor Plant Maintenance

    Roots offers weekly and monthly plant care packages. Our horticulturalist will make scheduled visits when convenient for you. We bring our tools and materials and leave your space verdant after visiting. Please contact us for a free estimate. 

    Maintenance plans include watering, pruning, fertilizing, and detailed plant care. Our team will also detect and treat signs of disease or pests.

    • Offices

    Studies show that employees are happier and more productive in the presence of plants. That’s why we can transform offices into conversation pieces that employees look forward to spending time in and clients talk about. 



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